I got serious about digital photography in 2006, when I purchased my first digital slr. Lacking the time and resources to enroll in any sort of formal photography classes, I embarked on a self-study program that has included reading dozens of books and photography magazines, and studying the work of other photographers.
My Day Job

Those already familiar with me, know that I am attorney with his own law practice focused on condominium/developer law, as well as general commercial and real estate litigation. I strive to use my creativity not only in my photography, but also in my professional life. If you care to learn more about my law practice, please visit my law website:
My Kit

  • Cameras: Nikon D300; Canon G9
  • Lenses: Nikkor 70-200 mm, 105 mm macro; Sigma 10-20 mm, 24-70 mm; Lensbaby 3G
  • Editing: Photoshop CS3, Aperture 2.1, Photomatix, Nik Viveza, Nik Silverefx